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Conveyor Belt System Manufacturer

LongReach Telescopic Conveyors manufactures a complete range of Telescopic Belt Conveyors, Gravity and Powered Expandable, Flexible conveyors and Dockless Trailer Loaders.

We specialise in designing turnkey systems for loading and unloading trucks and containers at distribution centres and retail stores. The LongReach Telescopic Conveyor, BestFlex and PowerFlex Flexible & Expandable Conveyor have proven to save time, labour and increase overall efficiencies in a wide range of applications.

Telescopic Conveyor Belts
Telescopic Conveyor

Dockless Trailer Loader Conveyor Belts
Dockless Trailer Loader

Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor Belts
Gravity Skatewheel

Gravity Roller Conveyor Belts
Gravity Roller

Powered Roller Conveyor Belts
Powered Roller